Revolutionary Payment Platform

iPay is a "revolutionary payment platform" which facilitates online, real-time cash handling and omni-channel payments. With an architecture that allows easy integration with any system, traditional, digital and eCommerce merchants, all can offer iPay services.


iPay consists of a host of features designed to give you a unique, one of a kind transaction experience.

In-App Pay

Integration with merchants who have in-app purchases enabled in their mobile applications.

Mobile Pay

Android or iOS, QR code & Near-Field Communication (NFC)

Web Pay

Seamless and simplified integration with eCommerce merchants


Unique Payment Identifier (UPI) PKI Security for transactional layer, Fraud detection module with CEP engine, PIN and Biometric Authentication


Simplified integration allowing payments to any registered merchant with ultimate user experience.

User Experience

The vibrant and well organized Graphical User Interface promises a unique experience carrying out payments.